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Alrighty! So here’s that Persona Magazine interview from this past June with Persona artist Shigenori Soejima in scanlated form by yours truly at long last. As you can probably tell from the artwork, it’s all about Persona Q, specifically his approaches to redesigning existing characters, making new ones fit with the old, and just generally doing art for a crossover of this sort. It’s not super long or as elucidating as that Hashino interview I did earlier on Persona 5 and everything else —there turned out to be more content beyond Persona 5, so check that out, too, if you only saw that first part of the interview!— but if you’re an artist type, hopefully you’ll get something out of this! And even if you’re not, I tried to scanlate this in such a way that the original magazine layout was retained as much as possible to convey the unique appeal of Japanese magazine design, hopefully this is at least pretty to look at! :D!

As always, for optimal viewing, after left-clicking on a page on here, right-click it and either tell your browser to open it in a new tab or download it to your hard drive for maximum readability.

A few credits are in order for making this possible. First and foremost is NeoGAF’s pan-hime, aka pantiesinabox. While I ended up using the ever-reliable personascanscopy of the interview for the actual scanlation work, pan-hime still deserves much kudos for pointing out the existence of the interview to me and supplying the initial scans I based the rough draft of my translation on. Huge thanks must also be given to my good e-brother aurahack who saved me a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, sanity in doing all of the image cleanup work for free out of the kindness of his heart. It legit warms my heart to have your help for this passion project of mine, duder. And finally, cheers to you all reading this because this took way more time than it should have to get it all up due to life drama and whatnot and your patience has been greatly appreciated. All of my followers are a pretty rad bunch and this process has only solidified that belief!

Finally, while I’m pretty happy with these results, if anybody who actually knows what they’re doing with typesetting, layouts, or graphic design in general has feedback, I’d love to hear it! I’m always terrified of picking terrible fonts or something without realizing it, so input from (at least comparative) professionals is always appreciated!

Thanks for reading!